Legal Studies - B Tech

Strong Foundations

This degree includes an internship option, where students join the professional workforce while still in college. This real-world exposure helps students begin their careers and make job connections while still in college. The Legal Studies program also incorporates courses that expose students to the business aspects of the practice of law.

Real World Experience:

Instructors in this program have a wide variety of real world experience including attorneys who are practicing, or have practiced law. This allows students to learn from the experiences of professionals from governmental agencies and from the private sector.

No time? Try SUNY Canton online!

The Legal Studies degree is one of SUNY Canton's signature online programs. Students don't have to travel to take an online course, eliminating geographic barriers. Because internet courses don't have set classroom schedules, students can participate at any hour and from anywhere, even from your job.

Real world learning

Students work to produce well-written, well-researched documents applying clientăâ┘s facts to the law. Students learn this process hands-on with case examples and studies.

Job prospects:

The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics projects paralegal positions to grow faster than average, or about 27 percent, for all occupations through 2014. Paralegals rank 27 out of the top 50 career fields for job prospects. There are a number of openings for paralegals in federal, corporate, and strictly legal settings.

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