Finance - BBA

International Acclaim

Students who enroll in the program will find themselves sitting in a virtual classroom with students from Moscow State University and other locations around the world. Currently, twelve students from Moscow, Russia, are enrolled in this program as a dual degree.

Students can Expect:

  • A comprehensive education in business, accounting, and other management related areas
  • A one-semester internship within a financial services career
  • Hands-on projects and real case studies in domestic and global investments and risk management
  • An investment club that promotes understanding of financial market investments
  • A background in business to broaden perspectives of financial services
  • Independent study options

It's Online, so it's Convenient

Since online courses don't have set classroom schedules, students can participate at any hour and from anywhere.

Tying It All Together

Students design projects using real-life financial market data in courses such as Advanced Financial Management, Global Investment and Risk Management.

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